Building a New Construction Home in Plainfield

New Construction Home Builders in Plainfield

With inventory still at record lows many Home buyers are now starting to build instead of purchasing existing homes. We have a list of all the local area builders and what you need to know!

Remember the person or persons in the builders models are working for the builder not you. You CAN use a Realtor when building new construction, commission is paid for by the builder and is already figured into their price. You will not get a better deal if you do not use a Realtor they will not deduct the price of commission and give you an incentive. In fact we are usually able to negotiate a better deal for you than you would get if you had not used a Realtor. Everything is negotiable and you need someone on your side. We have personally built with some of these builders and we have worked with almost all of these local builders we are very familiar with how each one works.

It is very easy to get caught up in the beautiful model homes and think that is what your home is going to look like, unfortunately that is not the case, most of the model homes have upwards of 75-100K in what builders call “upgrades” we know this because we ask when we go into preview the models. Many of these upgrades are cosmetic but some are structural and totally change the look and feel of the home. The Base price of a home is a starting point and we can help you determine what is more cost effective to do with the builder based on their prices or on your own after you close.

Here is who are building New Homes in Plainfield, South Plainfield and Joliet. If you would like more information about any of these builders please contact us and let us know we would be happy to schedule and appointment to check out the model and floor plans.

North Plainfield

Pulte Homes

Pulte is building in Creekside Crossing which offers Plainfield North Highschool, bike and walk trails. Close to downtown Plainfield, parks and adjacent to Mathers Woods. They currently have 5 floor plans to choose from starting at $329,900 with square feet ranging from 2621 all the way up to 3277. Creekside Greenfield at Creekside Crossing in Plainfield, Illinois _ Pulte

DJK Custom Home Builders

DJK Homes Welcomes You to Plainfield’s Premier Stewart Ridge Community

DJK is building in Stewart Ridge located off Heggs in North Plainfield. DJK is a costum builder and energy efficient at that. They have many floor plans to choose from ranging from $425,000 to over $1,000,000, and range from 2,400 to 6,500 square feet.

M/I Homes

M/I has 8 Floor plans to choose from starting at $287,000 and ranging in square feet of 2,230 – 3,856. M/I typically has Quick move homes available that are close to being done or at least started. This is nice because so many people dont have 6-8 months to wait for a new build. 

K Hovnanian in Grand Park

Somerset at Grande Park has only one single family new home remaining. The Columbia plan has 3,150 sq. ft. of living space, spacious interior & exquisite exterior. Somerset also offers a on-site clubhouse, pool, elementary and middle school.

South Plainfield

Olthof Homes located in Ashford Place.

With 5 different models to choose from prices range from $240,000 up to $340,000 and square feet starting at 2,015 to 2,740. located right off Caton Farm road close to shopping and walking/bike paths. 

Meadowbrook Builders in Whisper Glen

with over 17 home plans to choose from both ranches and 2 storys. Ranging in square feet from 1500 all the way to 3400. They are also building in Springbank.

AP Homes in Springbank, Grand Park, and Fairfield Ridge.

Anthony is currently building in many neighborhoods throughout Plainfield. He has a wonderful 1700 sqft ranch that starts at 270,000 in Springbank and Large 2 story homes 2800 Square feet in Grand Park that start in the mid 300s. 

Core Homes @ Springbank

starting in the $270,00 Range they have several 4-5 bedroom 2 story home plans to choose from.

DrHorton @ Springbank

with 6 floor plans to choose from pricing started at $278,000 and 11 quick ready homes for you to choose from as well. Spring Bank includes membership to the Aquatic Center located off Drauden Road. It is a great feature for summertime.

DJK is also building @ Springbank

starting in the low $290,000s and ranging in square feet from 2400-4000. 

Joliet Builders

Cal Atlantic @ Greywall Club, Windsor Ridge and Hunters Ridge. Greywall Club offers nine beautiful floor plans to choose from, ranging from 1,595 to 2,612 square feet.

Cal Atlantic is currently having a national sales event that gives buyers a $2500 incentive use it towards upgrades or as a credit to help with closing costs the choice is yours! Pictures below of the beautiful model located in Windsor Ridge. 

Core Homes @ Nuestonshire

located off Countyline road and Theodore features Minooka Schools. Prices start in the low $230,000s and sqft range from 1600 up to 3200. This subdivision has many walking paths, Core homes standardly come with 9ft first floor ceilings which give your home a more open feel. 

M/I homes @ lakewoodprarie

Lakewood Prairie is an exclusive clubhouse community with everything you want – an on-site elementary school, clubhouse, pool, tennis and volleyball courts, parks, and ponds. Prices start at $225,000. Minooka Schools


Each builder has different standards that come with each home the more the home is equipped with standard things like air conditioning, higher ceilings, appliances etc the less you need to upgrade if you would like a list of what standardly comes with each builder please let us know and we can get you a copy of standard features.


Best of luck on your new home search and if you have any questions we can assist you with dont hesitate to reach out

We can be contacted via text or calling to our personal cell phones @ Amanda 815-715-5904 or Michele 630-669-4469 you can also email us at or

If you have not yet been pre approved by a lender that is your first step. You want to make sure your comfortable with a new monthly payment at the price point your looking into. We can recommend a great lender if you do not already have one.


The greatest 2017 Christmas Light Displays

The greatest Christmas Light displays you do not want to miss!

If your kids are anything like ours they have a countdown to Christmas going on and wont let you forget that Christmas is only 3 weeks away, time flies and one of our favorite holiday festivities is driving around looking at all the Light displays. Luckily some of the best displays are right in the area.

Jump in the car and take a cruise to the areas best Christmas light displays, we have rounded up all the best holiday lights for you and you don’t want to miss these.  We have done our best to put these in order so you can go down the list.

If we missed a home that has spectacular lights displayed shoot us the address we would love to have all the best homes on our list.


  • 12941 Greenfield Drive, Plainfield IL 60585
  • 12733 Hawks Bill Lane Plainfield IL
  • 25206 Knoll Road, Plainfield IL 60544 Tune to 95.1 FM to hear the music from the comfort of your own vehicle.
  • 25236 Knoll Road, Plainfield IL 60544
  • 13905 Trillium Plainfield IL 60544
  • 16232 Vintage Drive Plainfield IL
  • 23337 W. Grinton Drive Plainfield IL
  • 4706 Swan Ct Plainfield IL


Take a Naperville Trolley Tour and see them all! They have a Northern an Southern Tour or both for 2.5 hours of christmas light bliss


  • 4710 Ashford Lane Joliet IL 60431
  • 3111 Evergreen Drive, Joliet IL 60435
  • 1402 Tiger Lily Lane Joliet IL 60435


  • 1101 Conrad Lane Shorewood IL 60404



  • 47 Coy Park Drive Newark IL 60541


  • 42W891 Beith Road Elburn IL
  • 60119

Spring Valley

  • 3 Hidden Grove Lane Spring Valley IL

Saint Charles

  • 6N020 Old Homestead Road Saint Charles,

Park Ridge

* Homes added to our list come from public websites, You Tube videos, Facebook pages, and owner suggestions. A big thank you to everyone who is sharing the joy of the holiday season with their community. *



Steps to becoming a homeowner in 2018!

Make the jump to Homeownership

As 2017 is winding down and 2018 is upon us many of you want to set yourselves up to home ownership in the near future! If you’re thinking about buying a home in 2018, November and December are the perfect time to “warm up” for the house hunt so you can hit the ground running in the new year. Most don’t know where to start and feel the task to be exhausting we are breaking it down for you in simple steps so that you can be ready to move when the perfect home comes along for you!

  • Put those credit cards away – The holidays are upon us and many of us okay ALL of us overspend on the latest and greatest for the kids and all the family and friend get togethers. It is very tempting to throw it on a credit card and earn and churn some points seems like a good deal right? Wrong. Do not open that credit card to get 10% off your purchase because thats going to show as a new line of credit, its going to increase your debt to income, and possibly make what you can qualify for be much less or make your mortgage payment more depending on the effect it will have on your credit. Dont be tempted by all the great offers these companies have scale back this year because it will make next year worth it!
  • Do not Buy any Planes, Trains or Automobiles – Thats right that new car that you want or maybe even need is really going to hurt you in the long wrong and possibly ruin your opportunity at  Homeownership. Its only a 400.00 a month payment you say? Well tell your lender that when he runs your numbers all of your monthly payments will be figured into the equation when getting pre approved for a home loan.  Just wait.
  • Check that credit score -A credit score is a numerical representation of your credit report. FICO scores range from 300 to 850, and the higher your score, the better. Good credit is like gold when obtaining a mortgage,Typically, you’ll get the best interest rate on a loan if your score is 740 and above. But no worries if it is not. You can qualify with a score as low as 580 for most lenders. Start paying all your bills on time, and get your credit limit raised. Note, though, that you shouldn’t max out your card each month. It’s best to use 30 percent or less of your total available credit.
  • Create an Emergency fund – Its great to have 6 month reserve fund for anything that may occur during your first few months as a homeowner and this is the perfect time to get going on that. Its the Holidays after all and gift giving is upon us. Instead of requesting that new TV, Speakers, or an Alexa ask for Cash to help you get into that new Home. And remember, you might be getting some money back after you file your tax return. Don’t blow it on vacation. A tax refund is a great way to add to your cash reserves quickly.
  • Find a Mortgage Lender – Before you even start looking for a home (and yes, we even mean browsing online listings), look for a mortgage lender to find out if you can afford to buy a home. We can recommend a great lender for you to use that we use regularly as the lender is the key to this whole process. Its important that your using a good reputable lender that has many years experience and actually knows and understands the guidelines of each loan out there. Reviews are your best friend, see what others who have actually used the lender have said. Chances are if they have zero reviews or bad ones your not going to have a pleasant experience.
  • Get Pre approved – When a lender gives your financials the once-over and preapproves you for a mortgage, you’ll be able to show sellers that you really can buy their house. But how do you get preapproved? By preparing a few documents, which you can do several months in advance of the actual purchase. Here’s what you need to buy a house.
  • Current and Previous Addresses (2 years)
  • Property Information (if applicable)
  • Current and Previous Employment Information and dates including monthly salary
  • Bank Account Statements
  • Current monthly housing expenses such as rent and mortgage payments
  • Address and Market Value information for properties you own, including taxes & insurance
  • Sources and Income Amounts for all Borrowers. If a W-2 employee, pay stubs for the last 30 days                                                                                                It is advised not to change jobs, make big purchases, or miss any debt payments as you prepare to get a mortgage.

Vintage Inspired Powder Bath Renovation

Let me start by telling you there was absolutely nothing wrong with my powder bath before i began this project…other than the fact that i spend to much time on pinterest and coming up with many many ideas on what my home could be.  We built our home New with a builder and picked out everything we wanted however if you have ever built a home with a builder before you will know that it comes pretty bare boned. We are on a mission to add character to our home a little bit at a time with small renovations and some big ones over time.

Thankfully my hubby happens to be a jack of all trades and can literally do just about anything in terms of home renovations. We save a ton of money by not having to pay for the labor for these projects and i am a sucker for deals so i am always looking for a steal when it comes to materials.

Im going to walk you through how we completed this look and will give you sources for your own DIY bathroom redo!

First off, i wanted a vintage inspired powder bath, something that would be timeless and less trendy that i could keep over time. So many designs go in and out and i am so not bold enough to do anything totally out there. I originally had it in my mind to do penny rounds but changed my mind after i fell upon these beautiful Carrara Marble Hexagon tiles.

A little background, These little tiles allowed for unique designs and made the cramped spaces feel much bigger than they actually were in early 1900s homes.  Hexagon tiles (typically white) were a hugely popular choice for floor tile. The design of these can be as simple as all white or could contain a complex pattern of different colors and designs. Their small 1″ size allowed for some very creative mosaic patterns to be incorporated by a skilled tile setter. ( im not sure Gary is a skilled setter but he killed it)

We choose a modern styled hexagon tile that had some vintage and modern feels mixed, most of all it has grey mixed into the white and hello if you have seen my house you would know my favorite color most defiantly is grey. For the wall i know because it was such a small bathroom i didnt want anything busy and floor to ceiling was the way to go to bring some height into the space.

Sources for the tile are here.

I looked around for good prices on the marble as it can be pricey, We settled on the Tile Shop in Naperville, Ilinois. They usually run specials 20% off but even better they will match Contractor pricing which is 25% off on your tile purchases which brought my sqft price down to about 11.00 which was not terrible for Carrara Marble.

Our bathroom was 5ft by 5ft and 9ft tall ceilings rather small, my main objective was to have it an elegant and larger feel, our original dark floors were making the space feel to small. after we took out the floor,sink, and toilet we painted the walls a shade lighter than the rest of the home to brighten up the room a bit we went with:

SW 7641Colonnade Gray it seemed to pick up some of the taupe colors in the marble as well!
Interior / ExteriorLocator Number: 283-C2Colonnade Gray SW 7641 – Sherwin-Williams
Day 1 
The wall was up first and this was a learning moment, first of all i seem to think all projects take an hour, this obviously was not the case and apparently tile is a big deal, Gary thought he would save some time by measuring and cutting first before he even started so he cut almost a WHOLE box of marble wall tiles first, he got through the first row and the last piece went in and he sorrily realized that he cut 9 Whole pieces of tile about 5 inches to short. Me having so much faith in him only had 4 extra sheets of tile for mistakes we were in trouble.
We had a tad bit of a freak out moment but his quick thinking saved the day and he was able to piece together the sheets he cut and saved the day!
His next issue was the tile kept sliding down the wall, he at one point yelled to me and said if these tiles start falling onto my head im throwing in the towel, lucky for me some nails screwed into the wall helped to hold the tiles in place while he worked on the next rows.
Day 2
The floor goes in… my favorite part, this went much smoother than the wall also was faster process.
We waited to grout until both wall and floor were laid so we only had the mess once
Day 3 Grout day! I picked out a color called whisper Grey also from The Tile Shop, i love how it accented the tile and was not as bright as white it really gives it a modern feel.
Day 4. the grout is dry and we can seal the tile, Marble absorbs so you have to seal it, we used a sealer that is suppose to last 15 years and 2 coats was put on.
Day 5 we get to put the bathroom back together, we purchased a 24 inch grey vanity from Home Depot and it was a steal only $299. Home Decorators Collection and it even has soft close doors! Our existing toilet went back in and we found a brushed nickle floor vent to match with the other bath accessories.
Here is the finished bathroom
Hope you enjoy!


Closing Costs for Selling a house in Plainfield, Illinois

Closing costs you can expect when selling your home in Plainfield, Illinois

Have you been thinking of selling your home, but are wondering just how much that will cost you? Selling one of lifes largest investments is a huge step and knowing the costs upfront is a necessary step before listing and selling your home.  We are here to help and will go over what you can expect to pay, so you have no unknowns when you get to that closing table.

Typically your biggest cost at closing will be your mortgage loan payoff. Another expense will be your Realtors commission which varies by each Realtor. Some other expenses will be your attorney, title insurance, government tax, transfer charges, survey and sometimes termite (if buyer is getting a VA loan).

Determining your Plainfield, Ilinois Home Market Value

Your next step is to determine the amount you will be able to sell your home for before your put your home on the market. This will be your key factor in finding out how much closing costs you will have, Closing costs are calculating off of sales price of each home. If your clueless on how much your home is currently worth (prices change every 30-60 days) stop what your doing and click here to request your free CMA

Request a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA)

Closing Costs

Seller Contributions

We generally do not advise to give buyer credits unless totally necessary, typically buyers are asking for 2-3K in order to help pay some of their costs attributed to getting their loan. The catch 22 is that the home still needs to appraise for this amount with the credit, We like to see this money in your pocket not going towards someone elses closing costs. A bird in the hand, we always advise to work with what we get and sometimes thats the only  type of offer/buyer you get. We will advise per situation in this case.plainfield median sales prices


If you do not own your home free and clear by the time you are ready to sell, you will have to pay off your mortgage lien and satisfy the debt with the bank in order to sell. This is usually your largest chunk of change handed out when selling your home.

Title Charges

For most, buying a home is the single largest financial investment they will ever make. And while property ownership may seem very straightforward, a homebuyer’s rights to enjoy their property aren’t always as clear.  There are dozens of ways in which the title to – and ownership of – a property can be jeopardized.  The title insurance process helps reduce the likelihood that title issues will arise, and the policies subsequently issued help protect against loss when a buyer’s ownership rights are challenged.

Take a $200,000 home for example the title fees will run $1700 for the Title Policy and $50.00 for the Closing protection letter. Every title companies costs may vary here is a link to calculate your title costs based on the sales price of your home

Government recording and transfer charges

County Transfer tax (varies per county)
City Transfer tax (varies per city) below is a list of current charges for transfer taxes
Record and Release of Deed $90.00

Extra Charges

-Postage/Courier fee/ wire fee (45)

-Survey (500)

-Inspections (pest, etc.)  (90)

-Home Protection Plan  (50)

-HOA Paid Assessment letter (300)

We offer a home valuation, as well as a closing cost estimation, as a courtesy. We know selling your home (and buying a home!) is a very complicated process and can be confusing. If you’re planning on selling your Home please contact us today for more information or any additional questions. We are here to help!

If your thinking of selling your home give us a call 815-436-1022 we would love to work with you!

HGTV Fixer Upper Inspired DIY Shiplap Wall

DIY Shiplap Wall

I have been bothering my husband for about a year now to hop on the shiplap trend, I keep throwing out ideas and basically asking for every wall in the house to be done reasoning how awesome it would look and shoving pictures in his face, he wasn’t really sure about the whole thing and of course assumed this was just a phase. Sometimes you have to change tactics so, Fixer Upper started getting played on repeat until he started watching, next thing I know he comes to me and says”wow that looks really good we should do it on one of our walls”  Why sure of course that is a fabulous idea when can we start? Tomorrow?

Now that my Handy Man is on board I was full steam ahead. Off to the Home Depot we went, when my husband does something he wants it to be done right and of course use the best material so what I was thinking was going to be a rather inexpensive project using tongue and groove boards from Home Depot ( which I had researched on Pinterest) turned into a pretty advanced and expensive project that kept snowballing out of control.

Home Depot did not have actual shiplap and if we were doing a shiplap wall we collectively decided it better be actual shiplap. We decided to check out our local Lumber store, Alexander Lumber located in Joliet, IL.  We gathered our 2 boys and headed to the Lumber yard, let me tell you taking 2 young boys into a Lumber/building store will literally take years off your life, proven in an independent study, conducted by myself. I should have known that this was going to be good when they were so excited to go.  After what seemed like a million times of explaining why they could not open and shut all the windows, doors and cabinets over and over, or play hide and seek in this showroom or even use trim pieces as swords and sucking all the fun out of this little trip we found what we were looking for. They placed an order for us and were going to deliver which was best of all.

We choose the 6 inch pre primed pine shiplap, they also have 8 inch. We were looking for a more modern feel and had really liked the more narrow pieces. a week later and D Day had arrived

After hours of You Tube watching My husband decided he was going to spray these beautiful boards so no brush marks could be seen which means, if you give a mouse a cookie, he is going to need a very nice ‘Airless Paint Sprayer” Home Depot has these to the tune of $400. and I just could not justify this expense for something we were not going to be using more than a few times. So Harbor Freight has them for $59.00 I am sure the quality is different but it was going to have to work. You will also need an Air compressor and a liquid called Floetrol which eliminates brush or any marks and also helps with the flow of the paint when spraying.

Here is the after of the sprayed boards drying!

The evening before we were going to install we prepped the wall by removing the trim, marking out the studs with a chalk line and marking where vents and drains were located in the wall. We had some great helpers!

 if you have dark floors you know the struggle, padding was added to help preserve the floor. Thankfully it did a wonderful job!

The install day had arrived and I could hardly contain my excitement! However what I thought was going to be an easy day of directing turned into an equal partnership because we soon realized 1 person can not hold, lift and nail these boards onto the wall (wishful thinking). If you do not have children this may go quicker and easier but took us about 8 hours due to continuous stopping for various things, someones hungry, someone took my toy, someone hit me. Also keeping boys off ladders and away from power tools was a daunting task.


once you get over the outlets and vents its very easy you just keep stacking. Many people use nickles or spacers to space the boards. We didn’t have time for all that we dug out some paint stirrers and threw them between each board for spacers and it worked great plus saved us some time.  Once the boards were all nailed in, we added some trim and put the outlet and vent covers back on. All the hard work is forgotten and then end result was better than expected. Maybe next weekend we will do another wall 😉



7216 Yorkshire St, Joliet IL 60431 For Rent exclusively by Michele Morris Realty

Just Listed for Rent $2500 per month

Beautiful 4 bedroom,2.5 bath home with loft and 3 car garage and fullphoto0-30


for more info check out the link below


contact Michele Morris Direct for more info 630-669-4469

4956 Vermette Cir, Plainfield, IL 60586 Exclusively listed by Michele Morris Realty 815-436-1022

For more information on 4956 Vermette Cir, Plainfield, IL 60586 call Amanda Albrecht and Michele Morris 815-715-5904


Dreamy Cheesecake Recipe that is sure to please

From our family to yours wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving! We hope you enjoy gathering with your nearest and dearest and indulging in your family’s traditional dishes. We are sure looking forward to spending time with our family.

For your enjoyment here is our family cheesecake recipe courtesy from our Aunt Margaret Krempl’s kitchen that someone requests every year for almost every holiday! I can assure you no crumbs will be left…

First you will make the crust

1 1/2 cup of graham cracker crumbs

1/2 cup of sugar

1 stick of butter softened

mix these 3 ingredients together with a fork and then press into the bottom and up the sides of your spring form pan.


Next your going to make the filling to pour over the crust

combine in a bowl

2 packages of cream cheese

1 cup sugar

mix cream cheese and sugar until creamy then add

1 teaspoon of vanilla extract

3 eggs added in 1 at a time

<a href=" look at here.jpg”>cheesecake4

pour the filling over the graham cracker crust


back for 60 minutes at 350 degrees.

next you will move onto the topping, I had 2 very eager helpers here to oversee what i was doing


the topping is going to be put ontop after your cheesecake is finished backing for 60 minutes.

combine 1 pint of sour cream or 16 ounces

1/2 cup sugar

1 tsp of vanilla extract

1/2 tsp of cinnamon

mix it all together for a creamy top to your cheesecake spread evenly and bake for an additional 15 minutes at 350 degrees.



let cool overnight in the fridge for best results! We enjoy topping with whip cream and strawberries you can of course use any fruit or garnish you wish.


Enjoy and have a Happy Holiday!


Michele and Amanda


Choosing a Home Inspector


Having a Home Inspection is a necessary part of the purchasing process. Your home is for most people the largest investment you will ever make. You want to make sure you are protecting yourself by hiring a licensed professional to make sure your home doesnt have any flaws that could be costly to you in the future.

You only need to do a quick search for home inspectors in your area to find numerous options, but as with so many professions, some inspectors are better than others.The following tips will help you find a home inspector that you can be happy with, someone you can trust to provide you with all the relevant facts about the home you want to buy.

1. Get a reference from your real estate agent.

If your agent has been in business for any length of time, they have probably encountered quite a few home inspectors. By observation, your agent can see who does a thorough job and who does not. Typically an agent will refer inspectors whom they feel do a good job over and over because they know that their client will be well taken care of best weightloss pills.

An excellent home inspector will not only be thorough but will take the time to explain the severity of an issue. If the problem they have found is a common one and not something to be genuinely concerned, they should explain this to you. Some of the most common home inspection problems can usually be corrected fairly quickly. Remember anything that is troubling to you doesn’t have to be a deal breaker you are allowed to ask the seller to repair or replace.

2. Look for a company that is Licensed and insured.

Whether you go with a big company or a single inspector working on his or her own, you want to make sure that whoever examines the home is bonded and insured. Finding out about insurance is one of the most important questions to ask when interviewing a home inspection. If the Inspector gets hurt during the inspection which can happen with crawling in attics or falling from roofs  you dont want to be held liable or have any risk fall onto you.

3.Find out what the inspection includes and how long it takes.

The best home inspection will be a thorough one, where the inspector goes over every little detail of the home. You want an inspection that looks at every component of the home, including:

  • The plumbing system.
  • The electrical system.
  • The structural condition.
  • The heating and air conditioning systems.
  • The basement and foundation.
  • The roof and attic.
  • Evidence of water penetration or grading issues.
  • Pests such as bugs and wildlife.
  • Environmental issues such as mold, radon, asbestos and lead paint.
  • Appliances and other general components of the home.

Most home inspections should take two to three hours to complete. If you are purchasing a larger home, a fixer-upper or an older home, the inspection will more than likely take even longer. Don’t hire someone who tells you they will complete the inspection within an hour or two. It is unlikely the inspector will be able to do a thorough job.

4.Compare the cost of hiring different companies.

The cost for inspections vary on what is included in the service, ie: radon, pests ect. and also varys on the size and components of the home.  A home that is 4000 sqft is going to cost more and take longer to inspect than a home that is 1200 sqft.

A more thorough inspection is worth paying more for. So is a company with better references, or one with experience in a specialized area you need. There is nothing wrong with trying to save money, but make certain you are hiring someone you can rely on to do a good job.

Remember a home inspection is for your PROTECTION on your investment.